Samsung has finally taken the veil off its second flip phone Samsung W2019 at an event in China. The smartphone offers flagship features like dual displays, side-mounted fingerprint sensor and dual rear camera setup.

Samsung China wants to make flip phones cool again

For the last few years, Samsung has been trying to make the flip phone sexy again – in China, at least – and the newest model, the W2019, packs in some pretty high-end specs, along with an equally-high price tag.

Samsung recently followed up last year’s W2018 flip phone with a new device that offers a similar mix of throwback design qualities and present-day, high-end specifications. The South Korean ...

Does Samsung Flip phone W2019 makes sense? Should you import and buy one?

Samsung’s high-end flip phone without headphone jack now official

It's official: Samsung finally has a smartphone that doesn't come with a headphone jack. The Samsung W2019 that has been announced in China offers flagship specs like its predecessors but also takes away a basic feature that has kept Samsung phones above the competition in recent years. - SamMobile

Samsung W2019 Flip Phone Review, Price, Camera, Performance & Full Specs

In this review, we will consider other good features of Samsung W2019, such as design, display, camera, price, battery life, etc.

Samsung W2019 flip phone launched with dual AMOLED displays, Snapdragon 845

The newly launched smartphone offers a better chipset, cameras and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Samsung W2019 clamshell phone launched with dual AMOLED displays, Snapdragon 845: Price, specifications

Samsung has launched the W2019 clamshell phone, with dual screens and dual rear cameras.

After foldable phone, Samsung launches W2019 flip phone | tech | Hindustan Times After foldable phone, Samsung launches W2019 flip phone

Samsung’s new flip phone W2019 comes with flagship-level specifications such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and dual full HD displays.

Samsung W2019 flip phone launched with two 4.2-inch displays, Snapdragon 845- Technology News, Firstpost

The Samsung W2019 clamshell smartphone features two 4.2-inch S-AMOLED Full HD displays.