How foldable phones like Samsung’s newest handset work

Prototypes and patents reveal designs from Samsung, Huawei, Apple and many others

Samsung's foldable smartphone could be more expensive than an iPhone XS

It could end up being nearly $2,000

Samsung revealed the smartphone camouflaged in a thick black cover under the dim light, saying “There’s a device inside here and it is stunning.”

Samsung folding screen lets smartphone open into tablet

Samsung on Wednesday showed off a folding screen that lets a smartphone open into a tablet, heralding it as the future for portable devices.

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Samsung shows off its foldable phone and we have five questions that need answers

Samsung's foldable phone concept is fascinating, but questions remain about how a foldable phone will work, how much it will cost and what utility it will offer the user

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Samsung is about to embrace the infamous notch, but the Galaxy S10 might not get one

Samsung unveiled the Infinity Flex screen of the foldable Galaxy F during its SDC18 keynote on Wednesday, but that’s not the only new hardware the company showed us during the event.

Samsung's foldable smartphone is (almost) here!

Sansungs recently announced fold-able phone will blow you away

Samsung Shows Off New Foldable Phone

Samsung has provided a first look at its new foldable smartphone.

Galaxy X: Everything we know about the price, specs, release date for Samsung's foldable phone

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Hit or miss, Samsung’s foldable phone is a big deal Hit or miss, Samsung’s foldable phone is a big deal

How would I use it? That's what we were all thinking as Samsung's Justin Denison whipped out a prototype folding smartphone. A phone that can open up to become...