BMW gets production of the fierce 8 Series Convertible up and running

Unlike the BMW i8 Roadster, which dragged to market years after the i8 Coupe, the new 8 Series Convertible hits production mere months after the coupe. BMW brings fresh air into its performance flagship, giving it 523 hp and a power soft-top that opens in 15 seconds.

BMW M8 enters final round of testing

BMW isn't taking its time with additional variants of its revived 8-Series. The coupe is still a month out from showrooms but the German automaker has already revealed the 8-Series Convertible, and soon there will be a more practical 8-Series Gran Coupe and high-performance M8 as well. Next in the pipeline will be the M8, in coupe form, as engineers from...

BMW M8 revealed in testing |

Greg Kable reports on the 2019 BMW M8, which has been revealed as a disguised prototype during undergoing final development testing.

2019 BMW M8 previewed | CarAdvice

BMW has released new details of the upcoming M8, along with a set of new images of the twin-turbo performance coupe tearing up a race track as it nears production.The company has confirmed the M8 wil...

F92 BMW M8 Coupe preliminary details - V8, 591 hp, M xDrive AWD; Convertible and Gran Coupe models later

More details of the upcoming F92 BMW M8 Coupe have been released ahead of the model’s official debut and market launch, the latter in 2019. Keeping things

BMW M8 2019 will come in three bodystyles

BMW has confirmed more details of its upcoming M8 performance coupe, with one of the biggest details being the M car’s availability across three different bodystyles.

BMW M8 is almost ready for showtime

With the standard 8-series coming soon, we were starting to get curious about the hotted up version and now we know.

BMW M8 Coupe: More details -

Bavarian brand's new flagship sports coupe hits Estoril, but may not out-power M5 Competition

BMW Confirms The M8 Will Have 591+ HP, All-Wheel Drive And Exceptional Driving Dynamics | Carscoops

BMW Reveals 8-Series Soft-Top, Readies New M8

BMW reveals the new 8-Series convertible while prototypes of the M8, the flagship of the automaker’s M performance-car division, undergo testing.

They share silhouettes, but the similarities between the M8 GTE racer and the M8 production car end there.

BMW launches not one, but three cars that live up to its great-driving past , - THE BUSINESS TIMES

BT Motoring: THE BUSINESS TIMES Hub - AS car manufacturers try to reinvent themselves as "mobility providers", marketing slogans have changed to suit. BMW used "the Ultimate Driving Machine" tagline for nearly 50 years, for example, before swapping it for the amorphous "Joy".. Read more at The Business Times.