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  • Why A 'Spyro The Dragon' PS4 Remaster Might Disappoint Long-Time Fans
  • Spyro The Dragon Remaster For PS4 Coming This Year - Report
  • Spyro The Dragon Is Being Remastered
  • SPYRO THE DRAGON May Be Getting A PS4 Remaster This Year
  • A Popular Gaming Mascot Could Return In 2018
  • Spyro trilogy remake tipped for PS4 in 2018 to mark game's 20th birthday
  • Spyro the Dragon remasters with previously cut content rumoured for PS4 release this year
  • Gaming classic Spyro the Dragon is being remade for PS4: report
  • Spyro The Dragon might be the next PlayStation classic to get a remake
  • 'Spyro the Dragon' trilogy remaster reportedly coming to PS4 this year
  • Report: Original Spyro the Dragon trilogy getting remastered PS4 release
  • Activision Working On Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Remaster [REPORT]
  • Spyro Trilogy reportedly coming to the PC in 2019
  • Spyro Trilogy Remaster Coming Later This Year Says Report
  • Spyro The Dragon Trilogy Remaster Will Launch This Year On The PlayStation 4
  • Spyro the Dragon said to be next up for remaster, Crash Bandicoot could come to Xbox and PC
  • Spyro the Dragon is getting remastered for PlayStation 4
  • Spyro could be gliding onto PS4 later this year
  • Spyro The Dragon remaster trilogy is in the works – report
  • Spyro The Dragon Trilogy remaster due out this year claim rumours
  • If Spyro The Dragon was remastered : gaming - reddit

    If Spyro The Dragon was ... how the Resident Evil PS1 game got a full PS4 remaster ... that character and his world to a brand new set of fans.

  • Spyro Trilogy Coming To PS4; Remaster in 2018 ...

    Namely one Spyro T. Dragon. Could we see a Spyro Trilogy remaster ... A Spyro the Dragon PS4 rumor has been doing ... I know that Spyro has some fans ...

  • ‘Spyro’ Remaster Release Date: Could Activision be teasing ...

    ‘Spyro’ Remaster Release Date: Could Activision be teasing an updated PS4 HD remake for the dragon?

  • 'Spyro the Dragon' Glides Into the HD Era Of Gaming ...

    Fan remakes the first level from Spyro the Dragon using ... 'Spyro The Dragon' Glides Into The HD Era ... the need for a Spyro remake fans of the series have long ...

  • Praise the Bandicoot! A Spyro PS4 remaster is coming this ...

    Could Spyro the Dragon be making his long ... A Spyro PS4 remaster is coming this ... he’s been largely ignored despite an active community of fans who grew ...

  • Spyro The Dragon Remastered Trilogy Rumored To Be Coming ...

    I feel like a year doesn't go by without Spyro the Dragon fans patiently hoping that ... this might be the year of the purple dragon. ... the remaster is really ...

  • Spyro The Dragon HD Remaster Coming To PS4 This Year ...

    Rumor: Spyro the Dragon trilogy remaster coming to PS4 in Q3 2018 Gematsu Rumor: Spyro Trilogy Coming to PS4 By Team Behind Crash Bandicoot Remasters Game Revolution ...

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