Lead Kills Way More Americans Than We Ever Imagined

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Low-Level Lead Exposure: Overlooked in CVD Mortality

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Lead Poisoning May Accelerate Death for Millions in US

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Lead Exposure Kills 10 Times More People In The US Than Previously Thought

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Lead exposure might be responsible for 10 times more premature deaths than previously thought

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Lead exposure kills hundreds of thousands of adults every year in the US alone

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Researchers attribute 250K annual CVD deaths in US to lead exposure

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Lead exposure may be more deadly than previously thought

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More people exposed to dangerours levels of lead than previously thought

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Study: Lead Exposure Linked to 10 Times More Deaths Than Reported

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Historical lead exposure may be linked to 256000 premature deaths from cardiovascular disease in adults in United ...

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US deaths from lead exposure 10 times higher than thought, study suggests

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