Xi's holding on to presidential title betrays his sense of insecurity

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Xi Jinping takes leading role in hit propaganda film extolling 'amazing' China

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China Unveils Superagencies to Fight Pollution and Other Threats to Party Rule

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Xi shakes up Chinese government to cut bureaucracy, end turf wars

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China's Communist Party Centralizes Power Over Finance and Pollution Control

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The 24 Hours That Exposed Trump's Strategy Gap With China's Xi

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China's Cabinet Shuffle Suggests That Xi Will Rule China Through The State, Not The Party

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China: Tillerson Exit Exposes Trump's 'Lack of Willingness or Ability' to Resolve Disagreements

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Why Abolishing China's Presidential Term Limits Is Such A Big Deal

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China dragoons viewers to make pro-Xi film a blockbuster

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Chairman Xi, Chinese Idol

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China's president for life? Not Xi Jinping, a student of history

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Major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristic

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China mobilizes mass viewings of film lauding Xi, restricts criticism

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Xinhua Headlines: China unveils cabinet restructuring plan

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What the Xi Jinping era will mean for China and the world

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No term limit could allow Xi Jinping to be bold on the fates of Hong Kong and Taiwan

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Who in the world will defend democracy?

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Chinese International students are protesting their President's indefinite rule

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Fury over Western criticism of Xi's power grab

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